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SDOES-Cygnature Workflow with Blockchain

Blockchain is the fast growing technology which has also invaded e-signature industry. Blockchain Technology protects the data and disables any modifications. It is highly evolutional and safe technology.  SDOES-Cygnature allows you to keep the entire workflow on Blockchain cloud with high security.

Features of SDOES-Cygnature

  • Signing Documents: SDOES-Cygnature enables the users to sign the documents using multiple signature types. Based on the sensitivity and authentication of documents, users can choose the type of signature.

  • Security & Blockchain stamping: All the transactions are stored on Blockchain where all the documents are secured along with activities and are tracked and time-stamped.

  • Sending Documents: SDOES-Cygnature allows to upload documents from different platforms and set advanced options while sending the documents across like due date reminders and so on. Additionally, it lets to create groups to send documents to sign.

  • Mobile Application: With SDOES-Cygnature mobile application, users can sign the documents within 60 seconds from anywhere and anytime. Mobile application offers simplified signing experience and supports different features

  • Integrations: E-signature API's can be integrated with flexibility and effortlessly into your programs. Assistance is provided for API documentation.

  • Help and Support: A quick support from SDOES-Cygnature for the users whenever help or support is needed

Types of Signatures

Electronic Signatures

​Draw Signature: Allows the signer to draw signature with cursor or digital pen.

Upload Signature: Allows the signer to upload signature from local/online drive and paste.​

Select Signature:  Allows you to select signature using your name with a customized font and size.

Digital Signatures

Software Token: Use software token procured from trusted Digital signature provider.

Hardware Token: Sign using hardware based digital signature dongles procured from certificate authorities.

Biometric Signatures

Finger print Signing: Allows users to sign or authenticate documents using finger print as identity.

Face Signing: Allows users to sign or authenticate documents using Face identity.

Iris Signing: Allows users to sign or authenticate documents using Iris as identity.

Live Signature

Live Signing: Allows the users to sign the documents using webcam, microphone or screensharing.

How SDOES-Cygnature works?

Document Creation Flow

Document Signing Flow

The Blockchain system Flow

Reasons to use SDOES-Cygnature

Highly Secured: SDOES-Cygnature is highly secured in terms of securing signatures, e-signatures, documents, identity and systems.

Integrates Seamlessly: SDOES-Cygnature integrates smoothly into the flow with any web portal, mobile application to deliver better signing experience.

Trust Worthy & Reliable: With Blockchain security and data servers, SDOES-Cygnature is one stop solution for the organizations.

Flexible & Customizable: SDOES-Cygnature is coherently customizable to be best fit for any kind of organizations.