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Food Manufacturing Services Automation Solution(FMSAS) Overview

FMSAS designed for the packaged food industry is mainly useful for those companies which are having their depot, super stockiest, stockiest, dealer and sales agent across a significant geographical area. We have a design solution to help companies operate more efficiently, comply with food safety regulations and scale their business. Using FMSAS, the packaged food industry can manage the supply chain in a high-tech way. The packaged food industry can maintain their inventory better, apply lot tracking to all raw materials and operate on a first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) production schedule.

Whether you private-label, co-pack or a production line of snacks, floor or noodles FMSAS for packaged industry supports your unique food manufacturing requirements in product development, production, quality, costing, compliance, planning, scheduling and warehousing. FMSAS is an all-inclusive food manufacturing FMSAS ERP software for the food processing industry. Companies in the food beverage bakery and packaging industry or industries can use the solution to enhance their efficiency. FMSAS works on a revolutionary open logic framework that allows greater control over business operations. The open logic framework protects trade secrets and confidential information. So, you don’t have to share critical information during implementation and customization. If you are looking to automate business and improve operational efficiency, you must plan to implement FMSAS ERP software with API at your F&B business unit.

The software equips you with several critical capabilities for compliance management, quality control, bi-directional batch tractability and more. From time to time your staff doesn’t have to spend more time tracking everything. In other words, FMSAS can assist you with every aspect of your business operations such as finance, purchases & procurement, business intelligence, CRM and more. So, comparatively, all this with the strong trust and reliability as  FMSAS is used by leading F&B brands, distributors and food processing units in the country. So, you don’t have to worry about disruptions due to technical and back end issues.

Food Manufacturing Services Automation Solution  (FMSAS) Key Features

  • Key Features for product costing to help deal with fluctuating commodity costs allowing you to respond to pricing changes quickly

  • Complete pricing management including rate revision, start & end dates & more

  • Automatic calculation & accounting of rebates & discounts with suppliers & customers

  • Formulas & recipes management

  • Shelf-life tracking & expiration date management

  • Plant maintenance with scheduling & machine with production data management

  • Expiry analysis identifies raw material, or finished goods inventory that should be used on a FEFO (first expiry, first out) basis, including the ability to identify soon to expire products.

  • Lot traceability for tracking items backwards & forwards across the supply chain.

  • Quality management helps track & control key results, regardless if an internal labor outsourced test facility is used

  • Sales forecast, define target customer with, area with, collection with & product with

  • Min & max & re-order level maintenance of finished goods stock & linking this with production planning.

  • Batch management, including batch equalization, allows you to plan batches based on batch size constraints or demand

  • Control costs through reduced wastage, optimum material utilization & inventory management

  • Process with inspection & QC to capture accepted, conditionally accepted, rejected & rework quantity

Food Manufacturing Services Automation Solution  (FMSAS)  Capabilities

  • Very specialized modules for food manufacturing services automation

  • Widely used by more than 20 industry sectors

  • ERP solutions experience with global customers

  • Quality certified solution

  • Executed more than 250 successful projects

  • Used by more than 2000 client users

  • Equipped with highly skilled professionals

Food Manufacturing Services Automation Solution (FMSAS)

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