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REAL-TIME COMMISSION PAYMENT SOLUTION (RCPS) will help Referral Partner and their network in doing functions like enrol, equip, and track referral partners who promote and sell business's products and services. The commissions apply to products and subscriptions that sell through RCPS. It works hand-in-hand with referral solution components to track referrals and commissions. The Solution is the complete, end to end referral system which provide all functionalities required for referral partners and companies, their marketing channels. The system is dispersing the payment through the payment gateway currently. According to client gateway needs, the solution shall be customized.

 Following gateway shall be considered for Indonesia market.

RCPS can notify the intermediary when commission payments are made. System will provide dashboard which can show reports (Audit Trails) to support operations. System will provide Search feature to see previous transactions.  The system can handle a broad spectrum of banks in Indonesia if they have payment gateway.  The solution can integrate with existing system. The Solution can work according to banking payment regulations. The commission payment system should also have the ability to log past transactions and generate daily reports automatically and sent to specified recipient

Real Time Referrals Commission Payment Solution (RCPS) - Solution Scenario

Real Time Referrals Commission Payment Solution (RCPS)

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Real Time Commission Payment Solution (RCPS) - Key Features

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Real Time Referrals Commission Payment Solution (RCPS) - Global Presence

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Real Time Referrals Commission Payment Solution (RCPS) - Case Studies

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Real Time Referrals Commission Payment Solution (RCPS) - Client Testimonials

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