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School Management Solution (SMS)

Solutions helps educator in saving time of educator by using following features :

Lesson preparation

Ease content preparation and distribution. Flip Learn module is designed with Idea that teacher creates a topic that students should read and come prepared for the class. The topic can be created in advance and can include text, videos and links for additional contents. The topic can contain questions that students can come prepared or need to answers. The content can be released at any time. The tool also allows students to comment. The comments become visible to all  when the teacher chooses.

This module can also be used to design content for the class by the teacher.

Taking and reporting Attendance

Teachers are allowed to look at the trend in a class. Teachers dashboard also allows to see who are potential absentees and how many attendance were taken on a day.

Managing Leave 

The tool allows org to define leave types and eligibility for the staff. This can be then assigned to staff for the calendar year. Additional leaves or adhoc leaves can be added or modified by admins. Staff can apply for leave on any type. This goes for approval process.

Managing Student Absence       

The tool allows parents to raise student leave request. They come to the teacher of the class for approval. The teachers get a dashboard which shows all the requests from all the students of the class. The Teacher can approve or comment on the leave request.

Event management       

The tool allows schools to create events and holiday calendar in advance and publish it for all to see. The calendars can be specific for a class or for the entire school.


School management solution (SMS) - Biz Benefits

School Management Solution (SMS) - Happy Clients

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Focus Areas

Leveraging Data & Analytics
 Creating Awareness
     Simplify Communication

School Management System (SMS) –Improved experience and Time Saved for Educator

  • A medium sized school of 500 students can save Rs. 200K/yr (SGD 3900) excluding the time saved using our SMS.

  • WebApp, mobile App with website is a saving of minimum 50K for schools eliminating paper and saving the environment

  • Saving time for teacher and coordinators for results and diary entry.

  • Increase efficiency - monitor utilization of resources.

  • Instant communication and data at hand.

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School Management System (SMS) – Uniqueness

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School Management System (SMS) Key Modules - Current

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