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Race Timing Solution will propose adjusted values and actions based on findings for the client's approval. This will be controlled by business logic as well as scripts that can be managed and updated on a need-basis by client’s team. Custom reports can be generated based on existing formats for audit verification and adjustments. The reports can be generated dynamically and made accessible to the auditors.

The platform can plug into existing client systems and consume data through rest APIs, using a built-in smart data exchange framework. Based on certain rules, it can also push the data into systems through rest API calls.   All the reports on the platform can be instantly downloaded as excel sheets to enable auditors to perform analysis.

Real-time calculations can be performed by the platform, dynamically, based on predefined business logic and formulae. These can also be added as simple JavaScript snippets that are quick to write and simple to manage. Platform can flag which samples need to be looked at first by the auditors, based on auditing standards. These may also be scripted into the platform.

Each record will be validated on a record-by-record basis and system will flag it appropriately. The business rules, procedures and auditing standards that govern this flagging can be managed and updated in real time.  

The platform comes with a modern, polished UI out-of-the box, making it simple for auditors to use and update. The platform is available instantly over both, mobile and web.

Race Timing Solution Overview

The solution has mobile app, which is the most accurate, cheap and easy to set up for race organizers, including amateur organizers.

The solution is integrated with event registration platforms like town script…etc. It has extended API capabilities to interface registration system. It is flexible to integrate with any registration platforms. The solution needs info like key identification number and race category which ever to identify the specific participant.

The solution infrastructure is easy to set up and for chip timing RFID system is required

Manual entry of the bib number or chip timing is required. The solution suite has QR code printer which prints registration number and make it inside the chip.

QR Code will be embedded in the CHIPS and perform QR code-based interaction is possible.

ie: https://cloud.runonrufus.com/share/hero-trail-ii

Race Timing Solution  (RTS) - Key Features

Race Timing Solution (RTS)

Fall in Love with our Features

Professionalise your events with the most economical UHF timing system on the market. 

Specifically designed for the needs of small, medium or large events.

Race Timing Solution  (RTS) - Key Components

Live Results & App

Live results and race rankings.

Customisable app for the timer

LED Screens

Display times & participant's name as soon as they cross the finish line. Also, able to show video, animations and more...

Timing Systems

Macsha the most powerful system.

One4all & the RFID Gun for checkpoints and smaller races.


We offer the best price in registrations

-1.5% for Macsha Timers

-3.5% for other Timers

Timing Software

Rufus, a great tool to manage your event, get results and connect live to a TV, LED Screen  or push results online.


To be able to time any type of sport, we have develop chip supports that adapt perfectly each sport

Innovative Running Race Timing System (IRRTS) - Key Components

It is completely redesigned the one4all from within. The new operating system based on Linux and its new CPU powered by Raspberry Pi has allowed to introduce a lot of new features to the protocol.

  • Integrated battery that gives you up to 12 hours of energy

  • Integrated bluetooth and wifi

  • Time transmission in real time through RUFUS

  • Integrated horn and light

  • Live remote support

  • Ethernet connection

  • Control it using your computer, mobile phone or tablet

In addition to the features of the One4All 5, the pro also has:

  • Integrated touch screen

  • Compatible with accessories: camera and laser barrier

  • HDMI and AUX output

The power, versatility and simplicity of the new One4All 5 make it the fastest, most powerful and most fexible timing system in the world. 

Innovative Running Race Timing System (IRRTS) - UHF Technology

The UHF Technology of the One4All 5.0 system offers the possibility to time almost any type of sporting event.

  • Allows timing for almost any type of sporting event.

  • Minimum initial investment.

  • Handles high densities of corridors and high flow rates.

  • Antennas specially designed for RFID applied to sports.

  • The chips are easy to use.

  • It is not necessary to have a fixed stock of chips.

  • Minimal manipulation of the chips before the event.

  • There is no chip retrieval after the event.

Running Race Timing System - Global Presence and Demand

  • Year after year we surpass our numbers and keep moving forward.

  • These are some statistics that show why we are leaders in the region.

Strategically located in Barcelona, with branch offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, England, France and India.

What differentiates us is the constant innovation and quality of people that are part of Marcsha, quality that is translated later into our products, our customer service and our technical support.

Race Timing Solution (RTS) - Capabilities

Race Timing Solution (RTS) - Steps required during event (Pre/Post/On event)

Step 1: 

Before the event  - Race organizer

Step 2 & 3: 

Before the event  - Database/Schedule

Step 4: 

Before the event  -  Choice of  materials

Step 5:  

Day of the event  -  Timing service

Step 6:  

Day of the event  -  RUFUS kiosk

Step 7:  

Day of the event  -  Handle obstacles and solutions

Step 8 & 9:  

After the event  -  Surveys and incidents