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What We Do

What We Do

Elevating Client’s brand image in the IT Industry is a pivotal part of our service strategy. We don’t just staff or hire resources but as well, practice Talent Adoption that ensures the Technology Leaders to effectively drive forward the change in mindset that is required to fully benefit from a Business Partner. 


Contract to Service

Crisis for resources with scheduled deliverables state is often seen in IT Industry these days.

VERSANT SYSTEMS Contract Services is the right mode to ramp-up and ramp-down the resources for the scheduled deliverables. Contract-to-Service is one of our distinguished services that enable our clients to hire talent for a limited period of time.


Contract to Hire

Test & Trial before you buy is the best service we opt in the current world.  

VERSANT SYSTEMS always give the client an opportunity to hire our contract resources after an agreed duration of service.  This service helps the clients to get the right talent into their team in all perspectives and it also helps our client’s to build a healthy work-force. This is just another way to enable our customers to Emerge Successfully!


Placement Service

To have a quality work-force within the organization is every company’s dream.

Irrespective of any specific need, VERSANT SYSTEMS always is in search of the Right Talent to build an active pool of resources to cater the market needs, and when the right position is found within our clients’ search, we map & connect the resource with the client for rewarding Success! We seek out qualified candidates for open positions within our customers. They turn to our direct hiring solutions to locate qualified candidates for their business.

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