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What is Digital Signature?

A Digital Signature is a convenient, time-saving, and secure way of signing electronic documents.

A Digital Certificate is required to prove your identity with your Digital Signature. The Digital Certificate can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign documents digitally.

For a Digitally Transforming Organisation, the DIGITAL SIGNATURE is the first step to make your business transactions Safe, Secure, Authentic, Non-Repudiable, Tamper Proof, Fraud Proof & Error Proof.

Versant Systems offers an On-Premise solution S-DOES (SMART DIGITAL OFFICE ENGINE SYSTEM) with Digital Signature and Digital Attestation to secure the following key elements.

  • Every biz document content

  • Every biz file transmission

  • Every biz website 

  • Every email messages

In today's digital world it is contemplated as an Enterprise Digital Passport.

We deliver document Digital Signing Certificate with advanced encryption which is globally Trusted/Approved/Validated by ADOBE/Microsoft.

We deliver secured device (USB Token/HSM) with Tokenization/Authentication to store/access document Digital Signing Certificate.

We deliver secured Digital signing solutions paired with document signing certificate and device S-DOES signing solutions does the following functions:

We are authorized by key players of Digital Signing industry to deliver related services/solutions as their partners.

Sign it! - Securely sign a document.

Store it! - Archive the signed document.

Share it! - A customizable workflow solution which will automate and control the business transaction.

Enterprise Benefits of using S-DOES

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Need for S-DOES Digital Signature

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How S-DOES Digital Signature Works?

Digital Signature uses Cryptographic Signature method also known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which is the most secure and reliable method of online documents signing. It uses an algorithm to encrypt online documents and is accessible for authorized parties only. 

PKI provides each user with a pair of secured keys (private key & public key).

Private Key is used to digitally sign the online document by the user.

Public Key is used to validate the digital signature of the user.

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  • Secured Digital Signing paired with Secured Device(USB Token/HSM).

  • Multiple Signs (By using different Certifying Authorities, Internal/Third party).

  • Express Digital Sign with UI (folder based - Bulk Sign).

  • Digital Attestation with Digital Signature.

  • Digital Signing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) - Express & Automatic.

  • Cost effective/High quality and End-to-end service.

  • No change in document format, layout & forms (SAP/ORACLE/MS).

  • No other software required.

  • Instant Error reporting.

  • Easy Customization (Email/Mobile).

  • Easy interface with SAP/ORACLE/MS/any document solution.

  • Support Windows & MacOS.

  • Ten layers application security.

  • Unlimited Digital Signature Signing.


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S-Does Solutions Consulting Unique Value Propositions


Please go through the Blogs to understand more about Enterprise Digital Transformation Solutions.

Reach out to us for free no-obligation discussion (Skype session/On-site) in order to help your enterprise digital needs.

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