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What is Digital Signature?

Digital signature is the most qualified and secure signature. It is a digital equivalent of the handwritten signature or a stamped seal. To verify the authentic, the signer should obtain a digital certificate from reputable Local/Global CA (Certifying Authority). Digital Signature makes all the transactions safe, secure, authentic, non-repudiable , tamper proof, fraud proof and error proof. The signer is uniquely linked and bound to the document.

How do Digital Signature work?

The signer is uniquely linked and bound to the document with encryption, everything is verified using underlying technology know as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Digital Signature solution requires mathematically linked  private key and public key for each user. The ownership of the unique private key lies with the user to encrypt the data. Public key is used to connect with any user to authenticate and decrypt the data.

1. The document is encrypted using      the  signer's

  Private Key

Private Key Encryption





Document 'Hash'


Public Key



 2. Signer's PKI objects are embedded in the document

Digitally Signed          Document

SDOES (Smart Digital Office Engine System)

SDOES (Smart Digital Office Engine System) is a department of Versant Systems through which we provide Services and solutions to organizations from different industries. We provide smart digital services and solutions to help industries accommodate 

the ever-changing environment and meet the needs. Through SDOES we come up with various services and solutions. 

Signing platforms from Versant Systems

The need for Signatures appears in every department. Printing the documents and signing every time consumes time, manpower

and cost. It can also lead to misuse of documents besides security. There is more efficient way to do it.


Versant Systems provides Digital Signing platforms with Workflow on Blockchain cloud and On-premise Bulk Signing solutions. 

For more info Click

Workflow on Blockchain cloud

Bulk Signing  

Versant Systems also delivers document Digital Signing Certificate with advanced encryption which is globally Trusted/Approved/Validated by ADOBE/Microsoft. We deliver secured device (USB Token/HSM) with Tokenization/Authentication to store/access document Digital Signing Certificate.

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